Enabling Digital transformation

Your business needs to fully leverage the opportunities that technology offers today, to scale and stay ahead of the curve, with your products, services and operations. A strategic partner with a sound understanding of business + product engineering can transform your business and keep it current in today’s constantly evolving digital landscape.

Noesis Tech has a proven track record in empowering brands such as StyleCracker, FoxyMoron and MissMalini through complete digital transformations, enabling them to scale their businesses exponentially.

Product Development

Do you have a new idea that needs to be translated into a product?

We work with you to refine and build your product vision in to a comprehensive and robust solution. If you have an existing product and/or service that isn’t adapting well enough to the way your business is changing, look no further.


What is CTO as a service?

What is CTO

CTO as a service is a tactical tool for organisations that don’t yet have strong technology leadership. Going beyond just providing tech solutions, our team can be contracted to guide your company through product conception, development and delivery.

On an on-demand basis or retainer basis, the CTO can offer value by:

What is CTO

Studying your existing business model and identify opportunities where technology solutions can unlock value and enable growth.

What is CTO

Reviewing your current technology stack and suggesting (and implementing) changes where necessary.

What is CTO

Choosing the best technology solutions for the problems your business needs to solve.

What is CTO

Answering any technology related questions that you or your team may have.

What is CTO

Bridging the gap between business and technology and help you make the right decisions.

When does a business need CTO as a service?

For companies at the beginning of digital transformation, we can help assess their business processes and estimate ROI for technology solutions and projects.

With this context, we can create a technology roadmap based on the business nature and needs.

CTO as a service

Companies that are a stage further, a CTO can help them build technology capabilities in-house.

We do this by identifying the skills required and then working with your HR team to source, evaluate and hire for technology related roles such as developers and testers. This is also a suitable option for startups looking for an outsourced technology department that acts as an extension of their team, to build or update their tech product, lead by our CTO’s.

CTO as a service

Advantages of CTO as a Service

Advantages of CTO

There is a major talent gap in technology leadership in the market today. With the growing number of new businesses, competition to attract experienced in-house CTO’s has increased significantly, not to mention the costs.

Advantages of CTO

Depending on the stage of growth, not every business can warrant the cost of hiring a full-time CTO. There may also not be enough of a requirement to keep one engaged and motivated for long.

Advantages of CTO

By engaging an experienced CTO, as a service, you can leverage their skills and leadership just as you would an in-house member of your team, minus the overheads. It’s a win-win situation.

Noesis Methodology

Our vast engineering experience in building technology enabled services and products will help you in your product development life cycle, whether the need is to support a single stage of the the project or take end-to-end ownership. .

  • advisory

    Step 1

    Product Strategy

    Working with clients through a series of discovery workshops to understand and define the concept, stakeholders, competitive landscape, case studies, and business potential.

  • Step 2

    Technology Blueprint

    Defining in detail the scope of technology assets that need to be developed. This includes project specification, estimated timelines and development costs.

  • advisory

    Step 3

    Interface and experience

    Based on user personas and journeys, we create an enhanced UI and UX experience for your users. Wireframes and prototypes are finalised in this stage.

  • Step 4


    Developing the user interfaces, software and databases to deliver the product / solution using mature yet leading technologies.

  • adviroy

    Step 5


    We conduct user acceptance, page load and performance testing to fine-tune any issues.

  • Step 6


    Once your solution is developed and tested, we prepare to go live. We can also assist you with launching your app on the Apple App store and Google Play store.

  • advisory

    Step 7


    We maintain your new digital asset, the server infrastructure, collect feedback and work on continually improving the solution. With 24/7 automated monitoring and technical support, we ensure that your solution is secure, and safe from crashes.

Showcase FoxyMoron

Showcase: FoxyMoron

At the pinnacle of their digital transformation, FoxyMoron, India’s leading digital marketing agency, engaged Noesis Tech for their advisory services and tech solutions capability.

Noesis audited FoxyMoron’s entire existing tech practice. We built a plan around what new or updated tech services FoxyMoron could build, to increase their end-to-end client offering.

With a rapidly growing team size, FoxyMoron also needed a strong employee productivity solution for the team to use internally, which was conceptualised by Noesis. This saved them high productivity software subscription costs, while being able to customize the solution to fit their needs.

Additionally, we also built and developed their technology services team structure and assisted in hiring the talent needed. We put processes into place for the new team to adopt, enabling a strong tech team to support overall business growth.

Ready to experience technology leadership?

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