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Our professionals have a proven track record to communicate at board level as well as throughout organizations on any technical issue from overall technology related strategy to day-to-day business requirements. They can direct in-house or outsourced resources, in a structured manner ensuring clear business deadlines and targets are met.

Experienced leadership enables you to effectively analyze the various circumstances at hand, and then make critical decisions affecting the future outcome of your business. Once these important directional decisions and technology choices are made, then comes the hard part.

Putting the right plans together, getting the right people on the team in the right positions, and then ensuring everyone is properly aligned and focused on execution.

CTO as a Service

Our team of highly experienced and trained virtual CTOs provide strategy and consultancy services for technology-driven and technology-enabled companies of all sizes.

We provide C-level strategy and consulting services for technology-driven companies of all sizes and stages of expansion. We have particular expertise in guiding technology growth companies through their business development cycle, from financial modelling and IP initiatives to fund-raising preparation, product development, go-to-market strategies and intellectual capital development.

New technologies used to change how companies work: the right integrated system or cutting-edge software helped businesses to be faster, better, smarter. Today, new technologies have revolutionized how people connect, communicate, & consume, and is an enabler for new competitors with different business models and lower cost structures.

The challenge for incumbents and existing companies is to stay current with emerging technologies whereas for new companies and startups is using the right technology stack that gives the perfect balance between agility and scalability.

A new way to access a CTO

A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a key executive role inside an organization, with the responsibility to understand the business drivers and align technologies to meet the business objectives. As technology advances and is continually changing, it is imperative that a business tries to leverage these changes to deliver true competitive advantage. These advantages can be in; scale/cost, customer experience, new channels to market, new propositions, etc. etc.

Whilst the CTO position is an important and key part to the business, not every organization warrants this as full time role:

  • Business may not be able to afford this overhead
  • There simply isn’t a big enough requirement or challenge to keep the individual talent engaged long enough.

Our CTO as a Service can add to your permanent activities or augment existing staff to optimize your strategy, complete and fulfil your vision and ensure you have the ability to execute the first time right.

Noesis.tech has created a new way for businesses to adopt a CTO and product thinking into their organization. Our CTO as a Service draws from a pool of highly experienced professionals who share the passion for business and technology thus being able to bring the gap between business vision and the technical decisions that need to be made to support it.

How it works

Our CTO as a Service represents a direct cost-to-results service, which can be tailored to any organization, no matter what size.

The customized consultancy packages range from one-off projects to regular on-demand consultancy in the frequency you need it. Our Ideas are fresh and at the forefront of technology, but with values that are strong and come from solid experience in business.

Our contract CTO as a Service can range from short-term, full-time assignments to longer-term on-demand consulting arrangements:

  • A temporary fulfilment of this critical role within your organization on a contract basis, until a suitable full-time employee can be located, hired and trained to take over.
  • Provide a “second opinion” or “sounding board” that provides ongoing experience, objective insights and advise
  • Building a team, sourcing, interviewing and recruiting the right candidates as well inducting them through training and ensuring that they are productive as soon as possible
  • Assist you on a periodic basis, to update or “tune-up” your strategy and plans, and consult with you on a deal-specific basis; like when you consider a merger or acquisition, a strategic investment or other business critical decision points.

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