What can we do for you?

If you are thinking about starting a e-commerce business, or extending your existing business online, we can help you the journey with all of the following:

Platform Design & Development

Developing and designing great e-commerce experiences required of consumer behavior in today’s digital landscape. Thanks to the rapid adoption of e-commerce as a significant driver of business – established best practices and the success of our existing clients have helped us develop a keen understanding of what it takes to design a highly optimized yet beautiful and brand specific mobile, web and table e-commerce experience and applications.

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Content Management

Need to upload a 1000 products to your store in time for the next sales day?

Don’t stress - whether you are a one person show or have a team of professionals at your disposal our content management team can help with all of the following:

  • Copy writing.
  • Bulk managing your inventory – uploads, changes, image management.
  • Cataloguing and Updating Product Details.

Analytics and Reporting

The biggest advantage of running a business online is how quickly you can learn from customer behavior and adapt your strategy to maximize sales. At Noesis.tech we believe in empowering our clients and partners with the most ease to use tools to manager their business while at the same time providing them intuitive reports that help you understand what’s working, what’s not and most importantly what can be done to make it better.

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It has been a great experience working with the team at Noesis on the design and creation of our platform (www.gemsouk.com) from inception. They are able to provide invaluable input which takes shape in a seamlessly user friendly & customisable interface. The team has provided solutions to all our project demands, while delivering a consistent level of service, in a timely manner. The greatest advantage of working with Noesis has been the input of domain specific knowledge (in our case of the Gems & Jewellery sector) which has enabled our platform to be exceptionally relevant.

- Veer Dhanak

Have an e-commerce idea or an existing e-commerce business you want to take online? Get in touch!

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