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Get The Perfect Kick-Start To Your Ecommerce Business

So you’ve made the decision to start an eCommerce business. Not sure what to do next and where to start?

We create a complete website and app solution for your online store, according to your goals and needs. You are fully equipped with suggestions of what platforms to use, what the interface should look like, and a curated list of features that should be built in, based on your marketing model. We design and build the entire digital infrastructure, setting you up to successfully run your online business.

Provide The Best Digital Experience To Your Customers

Your eCommerce store will be created to match the international quality, performance and security benchmarks. We offer quality assurance with high page-load speeds, in-built SEO and CRO and seamless integration to various platforms.

Your entire digital infrastructure including server, hosting and backend is run by us, and is easily transferable to another host
Provide The Best Digital Experience To Your Customers
Keep Innovating Your Online Business With Confidence

Keep Innovating Your Online Business With Confidence

We take away your worries of constant site updates and adding new features.

Your fully designed online store is built to give you the flexibility to constantly add and change products and content with ease, to match the ever-changing needs of your business. Built on an easy to use platform, we educate you on how to use the admin panel. You are never behind the curve, and can leverage all the features available to you to maximize your marketing and sales efforts online.


Increase conversion rates thanks to our intelligent product recommendations that learn from user behavior.

  • Upsell with similar and related product recommendations
  • Enhance sales by showing recently viewed and frequently purchase products
  • Personalised product recommendations based on purchase and browsing history

Leverage our intelligent email marketing strategies to drive conversion and increase customer lifetime value by automatically targeting new and existing customers.

  • Cart abandonment - automatically reach out to customers who have added items to cart but not purchased
  • New products announcements - notify customers of new products added to categories they have previously purchased from
  • Create targeted campaigns by segmenting customers based on purchased history

We’ve developed incredible features to help you identify, reward and retain loyal customers, and incentivise them to bring their friends.

  • Reward loyalty by automatically sending out coupon codes to customers that purchase a certain amount or a number of transactions
  • Design and run referral schemes that incentivize your customers to spread the word
  • Retain customers by setting them up to earn redeemable points for every purchase

Convert your followers into customers by providing an instant shopping experience.

  • Direct your followers to a dedicated Instagram landing page to instantly shop your feed
  • The landing page automatically updates with your feed with no extra effort from you

Our modules offer tools for complex and comprehensive affiliate marketing strategies.

  • Enable affiliates to sign up and create their own unique product urls
  • Analytics dashboard to give them complete transparency on how many visitors and customers they sent to your store
  • Configure commission structures with ease and let your affiliates know how much they are earning on demand

Our platform supports complex product structures and yet makes it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for.

  • Filter product results by as many attributes as you want
  • Create category specific filters (e.g. filter by screen size for laptops, but shoe color for shoes)

We understand the business of eCommerce and have built features to make it easy for your organisation, no matter how big or small, to smoothly process payments, orders and deliver shipments.

  • Integration support for your choice of shipping handler, automatically generated airway bill numbers and pick up requests
  • Use a payment gateway of your choice (or let us pick it for you)
  • Completely customisable invoice and reporting formats (GST ready!)

Your eCommerce store will be ready to sell to customers around the world.

  • Control store and product availability by location
  • Translate your store into as many languages as you want
  • Setup and configure multiple currencies, invoice customers in currency of their choice
  • Configure location and weight based shipping charges

Get a website and an app all powered by the same platform.

  • Don’t compromise your digital store with responsive design - get dedicated user experiences for desktop and mobile
  • Android and iOS apps

We take care of all technical configurations to ensure that you are built for search success.

  • Automatically generate and submit sitemaps to Google, Bing and other leading search engines
  • SEO best practices implemented in every line of code and always updated for Google’s algorithm
  • Optimise your pages using smart keyword optimization algorithms
  • Preview and optimise your page on search listings

Your Noesis eComm store is built for high performance and data security.

  • Enhance onsite user experience and conversions with super fast page load speeds
  • Small memory footprint for mobile devices enable you to service a wide array of mobile customers
  • Enjoy a safe and secure online store with web application firewalls and encrypted customer and sales data

Showcase: VelvetCase

Showcase VelvetCase

Showcase: VelvetCase

VelvetCase approached us when facing a challenge - their marketing team wasn't independently able to update or change content on their website when needed. They had to rely on the tech team for all updates to the website, which delayed their activities as per the marketing plan.

Our solution was to decouple the stack and we created two separate admin panels for a) inventory, pricing and operations and b) marketing and content, and educated the teams on how to use them. The marketing team was now able to maximise their efforts and swiftly respond to the changing market demands and trends. They were empowered to update the store with new products, creatives, schemes and campaigns without relying on developers, keeping in line with their planned and unplanned timelines.

Noesis Quality Assurance

All our platforms are built to operate on the highest levels of performance and security. Solutions are designed for web and app - compatible on all devices.

We design your solution to operate at the following benchmarks of performance:

gtmatrix grade

80% (A grade)

or highe
check mark
google page speed

85 or higher

(on desktop)
check mark
pingdom test icon

A grade

check mark
webpage speed icon

A grade

check mark

Ready to get started?

brand name and logo

Brand name and logo

Have you finalized the name of your store and the designed logo?

Product images and descriptions

Product images and descriptions

Have you photographed your products and come up with catchy titles and descriptions for each?

Product categories

Product categories

Are your products grouped and segmented into categories so your customers are able to search for them easily?

Policies and information

Policies and information

Are you ready with your privacy policy, shipping and returns policy, and FAQs?

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