Design learning for anything...

Whether your organisation has a training course or compliance message to convey, or you are an academic institution or course leader looking to deliver online courses, our complete Learning Management System (LMS) can help you deliver at scale.

Design learning

.. And do it in minutes

Build and publish eLearning content with a simple and easy to use interface. You create the content, let the LMS take care of distribution.


Users can access your LMS from anywhere in the world, start on one device and continue on another. A CDN backed infrastructure enables fast loading of your content everywhere. No special infrastructure, hardware or software is required.

White label your learning management system by adding your domain, logo, and custom layout with colors and fonts. Organise users and courses the way you want, based on your needs.

Our powerful analytics engine has a comprehensive and easy to understand dashboard. Track and generate reports on course progress with special monitoring functions designed for course planners, managers and executive teams.

Our solutions are Single Sign On (SSO) enabled, and meet the data storage and security compliance requirements of most major organisations. They are built keeping in mind risk control and risk mitigation.

Create content in multiple media formats such as video, embedded video, assessments/surveys, file submissions, documents (PDF/PowerPoint), webinars and live streaming.

Access as a web app or install as an app on all devices (iOS and Android). Our technology monitors network quality and can stream lower and higher quality videos based on network strength.

Our solution supports multiple industry leading formats such as SCORM, Tin Can (xAPI), AICC and Adobe Captivate.

Need help developing your eLearning strategy?

We also work closely with clients to define their objectives, create content, and use our technology to execute their eLearning strategy.

  • Learning

    Step 1

    Learning Outcomes

    Define objectives and success metrics

  • Step 2

    Content Assimilation

    Analyse and organise current learning resources

    Content Assimilation
  • Course Design

    Step 3

    Course Design

    Design curriculam

    Choose content formats

    Prepare script

  • Step 4



    2D/3D Animation and Motion Graphics

    Slides and Voice Overs

  • Post - Production

    Step 5

    Post - Production


    Colour Correction

    Audio Correction

    Optimise for Web and Mobile

  • Step 6


    Create online courses

    Enroll students

    Track progress


Noesis eLearning solutions can be built for

Noesis eLearning


Noesis eLearning

Academic Institutions

Noesis eLearning

Course Leaders

Ready to start creating eLearning courses?

Noesis Quality Assurance

All our platforms are built to operate on the highest levels of performance and security. Solutions are designed for web and app - compatible on all devices.

We design your solution to operate at the following benchmarks of performance:

Noesis Quality Assurance

80% (A grade)

or highe
Noesis Quality Assurance
Noesis Quality Assurance

85 or higher

(on desktop)
Noesis Quality Assurance
Noesis Quality Assurance

A grade

Noesis Quality Assurance
Noesis Quality Assurance

A grade

Noesis Quality Assurance
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